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Customer Support - We're Here to Help!

Do you have a brick and mortar location?

We do! We're located in Inverness on the beautiful island of Cape Breton. Our Mailing address is 15876 Central Avenue, Inverness NS, B0E1N0. If you have any questions about things you see on the website or want to reach out, our email is [email protected] and phone number, 902-258-3388. 

Are all of your items online?

No, not yet. We're pretty new to online so we are in the process of transitioning our inventory to this exciting new platform. Truthfully, we're not sure if every item will be on our website, particularly pieces that are incredibly delicate. If you have any questions about particular products or something you aren't seeing on the website - please let us know! We love hearing from you.

How do I return or exchange a purchase? 

We want you to be as thrilled with your Quincy purchases as possible, so if something doesn't work for you, we're happy to take it back and try again! All items returned must be unworn, unwashed and have original tags intact. Intimates, bathing suites and earrings are all final sale. Thank you for understanding!

Standard Sales: Regular priced items purchased online may be returned for a full refund, exchange or store credit within 30 days of shipping date. Customer pays return shipping costs. Original shipping fee's are non refundable. 

Promotional and Sale Items: Online orders that use promotional codes, limited time percentage discounts, or limited time free shipping, may be returned for exchange or credit only within 30 days of purchase. Customer pays return shipping costs, original shipping fee's are non refundable.

If marked FINAL SALE, the purchases are not eligible for refund or in-store credit.  

If you decide that you want to return an item, please let us know as soon as possible via [email protected] and we'll let you know how to proceed.

For ease of transaction on our end, be sure to include your original invoice and keep record of tracking information. A credit will be issued as quickly as possible upon receipt of your return.

Do you do rushed shipping?

Life is busy and time flies! If you are working under compressed timelines or in a hurry, give us a call or send us an email. We're happy to work with you on ensuring your purchases get to you as soon as possible, given the available courier/ mail / transport options. 

Do you carry any locally made items?

We do! Cape Breton Island is known for its incredible beauty as well as its rich cultural expression. Through the last three years we've worked with more than 50 local makers including textiles, folk art, screen printing, paint/ sketching, jewelry, leather, woodwork, ceramics, soaps, lotions, cosmetics and more. This has been one of our favourite parts of Quincy, celebrating the gifts and tradition that exist in our small communities. Quincy also produces its own line of place-based items reflecting all that we love about our community including hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, prints and more. At times we've also hosted 'Pup-Up' shops to further promote locally made, designed and harvested items from Kelsey Watson Ceramics, Miss Brenna Studio, Trufflebar Chocolates & Nature Nurture Gardening & Hiking.  

If you are are looking for something made locally, watch out for the 'We Love Local' designation on our website. If there is something specific that you are looking for, let us know! 

I'm a local maker. How do I connect with Quincy Street Market?

We'd love to hear from you! Our preference is for you to first send us an email. We can be reached at [email protected]. We ask that potential vendors include some basic information around where the work is produced along with some photos of the pieces. We will send an email to confirm receipt of your email but please expect that it could be a couple of weeks before we get back in touch. It takes time to pull our team together (sometimes we consult with a wider circle on new lines and inventory purchasing), schedule a meeting to think deeply on the pieces, look at our existing offerings and plan for upcoming seasons. 

Some days there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the shop and we love it! On a busy day, however, it can sometimes be impossible to properly balance excellent customer service with meeting potential vendors and exploring new products. If you are a local maker and feel that you would rather show the work in person, we do ask that you schedule a time to meet with us via email or phone. This ensures that the owners/ inventory buyers are on site when you visit Quincy and that we are staffed to give your work the attention it deserves.  

Please note that our decision making is typically based on the following: existing relationships with local makers; customer requests and feedback; 'fit' with current Quincy offerings and future planning; strategic priorities based on our personal sales data; where we are in our inventory purchasing cycles; as well as our ability to properly display/ promote the work. The decisions we make are not a reflection of our personal feelings on the quality, nature or beauty of your work. 

I'm interested in something that is listed as 'Sold Out'. Can you help?

We can try! Sometimes companies have additional inventory available for purchase but not always. We're happy to check it out for you. If the piece that interests you is made locally, it's possible that the maker would be willing to work with you on a new piece. We're happy to assist you in that process.  

We're not going to lie though, some things at Quincy are just 'one of a kind' or no longer available from the company. In our experience, if you love it you should treat yourself. Too often we've had people come back a couple of days later only to find out the item has since been purchased by someone else. We hate seeing those disappointed faces!  

I need a gift for someone but have no idea where to start. What do I do? 

Reach out to us! We're not going to be humble here, we're good at what we do. We take the process of gifting very seriously and, interestingly, our exchange/ return rates are significantly lower than industry standards. 

There are, likely, a few reasons for this. First, as you well know, there are a lot of amazing benefits to living in a small town! One of them is that we often know the person you are shopping for and this gives us a considerable advantage in gift selection. Second, our inventory is selected very intuitively. We work from a place of 'if we love it, someone else will'. We don't bring in products that we, personally, do not like (and in most cases love). Every time inventory arrives at Quincy it's like Christmas morning - all oohing and ahhhing! We work hard to connect with lines and brands that are beautiful and make people feel good. that is working well for us. Third, this is an odd piece of Quincy trivia, one of the Quincy Boss Ladies wrote an entire 300+ page dissertation of gifting. If that isn't commitment to ensuring fit between giver, gift and recipient, what is? Seriously though, we know gift giving can be very challenging for many. We love a challenge, so let us help out! 

How does Quincy support and contribute to the local community? 

The Quincy business model is based on a 'community first' approach. We believe that as a small business building, supporting and enhancing the wider community is a part of our responsibility because we benefit so greatly from our local community. We know from experience that we’re not the exception when it comes to community engagement. The small businesses and volunteers in our rural communities are so incredibly generous! At Quincy, we’ve intentionally built giving into how we do business. We match over 20% of our profit through gifts of time, resources, Quincy products and financial donations to fundraisers and community initiatives throughout Inverness County. We love where we live and we’ve been showing that love by supporting so many of the amazing things happening in our communities! A huge thank you to all of the local businesses, community organizations and volunteers who work so hard and give so much. 

We also believe that small businesses are the hearts of our rural communities. Local independent businesses keep money in our local economy, support the needs of the local population, celebrate the uniqueness of our local area, create jobs, facilitate infrastructure upgrades, reduce global footprints, conserve tax dollars and make our communities shopping and tourist destinations. We love our community and we work hard to support and enhance the experience of people who live on this beautiful island and those who come to visit! 


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